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“But for a fact our love relationship is stronger than ever.This is despite what transpired at Mahalapye late last year ,” he added ,referring to assault incident in 2013.Just a ew weeks ago, we wrote about an abortion scandal ivolving Anga Makubalo and his pregnant ex-girlfriend(more baby mama drama,14 January ),who is known as Nonkululeko.

"Children need to learn that there is nothing wrong with being gay and if their favourite celebrities stand up and say they are cool with their gay friends, then that may cause a ripple effect and influence the thought patterns of our youth. People are encouraged to wear something purple and/or change their social media profile picture to purple on the 19th October as a sign of standing together against bullying. Watch a video for the South African Spirit Day campaign below.

Nonkululeko has apparently told Anga to stay away from him following his threats of killing himself if she goes through with the days before the publishing of these conversations sorces say the z’bondiwe actor allegedly tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills.

According to close friends , Anga bid Nonkululeko farewell claiming he had overdosed.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg.” He was quoted as saying.

“more is I cannot reveal much at the moment,just know that we are in love.” He also said that they were trying to keep their relationship from the eyes of the public as much as posiible.

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Though no limit to the number of women Anga is prepared to date,it seems two kids are enough for is why he allegedly tried to force Nonkululeko (23),who is now 16 weeks into her pregnancy to abort their unborn politics student however refused and Anga blew a gasket accusing nonkululeko of trying to trap him by getting pregnant.