Are glozell and sk dating

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Are glozell and sk dating

And they were like 'But we were watching because of you.' And that's when it clicked."Green, her boisterous persona dialed down when she's not in front of the camera, admitted You Tube turned out to be just what she didn't know she needed."You Tube is so much better than stand-up for me," she said."Comedy clubs are usually not in the best of neighborhoods. I told Doc we could separate for as long as he liked. (Think without that devil you call mother) I will not live feeling like you just going to pull out divorce papers on me when you feel like it. When I got home, I told my parents that Doc killed my cat! And even though I didn’t want too I loved the cat also.(In California) Doc said fine.

And that stuff, those videos, live forever and will continue to be discovered by a new users."Her You Tube fame happened by chance.

And there should be more." While most You Tube personalities are content living in that world of notoriety, Glo Zell would like to transition to TV or film.

She has a line in the upcoming Kevin Hart movie "The Wedding Ringer," said her husband-manager, Kevin "SK" Simon.

Green might not be a household name by traditional standards, but barge into a teen's room and his or her computer history may well have evidence of Green's star power.

The comic has produced an extensive library of outrageously off-kilter videos of random musings and bizarre challenges, including "My Push Up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man," which arguably put her on the You Tube map, and her infamous "Cinnamon Challenge," wherein she dared to put a ladle full of ground cinnamon in her mouth. Then there are her celebrity impersonations of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga that have users clicking up a storm.

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And being a female, you have to worry about dealing with weirdos at the club or walking to your car late at night. And I don't have to worry about my set getting bumped."But even she admits the makeup of her fan base confused her.

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