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Backdating an unemployment application in pennsylvania

It is unclear from Claimant's sparse brief the legal basis for his contention that he is entitled to more than two weeks backdating. Section 65.43a(h) of the regulations, however, allows for more generous backdating when two or more “reasons” for extended filing exist. Claimant does, however, assert that three different family members were ill during the relevant time period, although the Referee only made findings as to two immediate family members who were ill.As discussed above, the Department's regulations generally permit only two weeks of backdating on account of sickness or death of an immediate family member. It is unclear if Claimant is attempting to assert that he was entitled to two weeks for each of his three sick immediate family members.The one in Pottsville normally sees 10 people per day.In the past two weeks, it's averaged 40 a day seeking help.

Our analysis, however, does not end here, as Claimant contends that he was entitled to have his application for benefits backdated by six weeks (i.e., to May 13, 2012), and his claims backdated to the weeks ending May 26, 2012, through June 30, 2012. Specifically, “[i]f two or more of the reasons enumerated ․ have prevented a claimant from filing a claim for compensation within the time allowed” and “[i]f adherence to the longest extension would be inequitable to the claimant, the sum of the applicable extensions applies.” Id. Here, Claimant asserts only one reason for extended filing-sickness or death of an immediate family member. One may argue, therefore, that subsection (h) is inapplicable, as it requires at least two reasons for extended filing to exist in order to be entitled to more generous backdating."It is a disservice to all the people who need this unemployment compensation," Fidler said.The state Department of Labor and Industry has asked people to head to their Career Link centers for help.The state laid off call workers and closed down three call centers when a four-year program that paid for them expired last month.Governor Tom Wolf wanted to extend the program, but state senate Republicans claim the governor needs to be more specific about how it will be paid for.

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The Department of Labor and Industry (Department) promulgated regulations that govern the mechanics of filing an application and claims for compensation and the backdating of applications and claims weeks. The reasons for late filing of application for benefits include, inter alia, the “[s]ickness or death of a member of the claimant's immediate family .” 34 Pa. With regard to the filing of claims, “[f]or a week in which a claimant was employed less than his full time work, the claimant shall file a claim for compensation not later than the last day of the second week after the employer paid wages for that week.” 34 Pa. Like an application for benefits, claim weeks also may be backdated by the number of weeks indicated in Section 65.43a(e) if the claimant's untimely filing of the claims is due to one or more of the enumerated reasons in Section 65.43a(e). In other words, contrary to the Board's argument, a claimant does not need to establish that the sickness or death of an immediate family member actually prevented the claimant from filing an application or claim for benefits at an earlier date when seeking backdating under subsection (e), as the word “prevent” does not appear anywhere in that subsection.