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The word capitol originally means the head Illi from the chief hill in Rome which was originally possessed by the Illi.

Knowing navigation the Illi sailed the seas, the oceans, and the rivers.

They passed news swiftly by means of signelle or signals.

Genesis speaks of the Gentiles and the Isles of the Gentiles.Considerable complications set in as the Elite Nobility moved into the high places.Those who were against them were termed exiles, and those who were for them were called allies.The British carry both terms in their words nobility and gentility, the gentility ranking a little below the nobility, yet far ahead of the people in the slums.Now the nobility They toot possession of the favorable tracts of land in Europe, Asia, and Africa, by decree or self inspired divine sanction, similar to that used by the Pope in dispossessing the American Indians when he gave away half of the continent at one time.

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