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Filmmaker, Derek Hammeke, brings to life the brutal and evil world of modern day slavery.Through three years of filming their post trafficking experiences, Hammeke allows these young women to reveal their stories with dignity.See more » This isn't a bad documentary, nor is it a great one--a little better than average. But the means of delivering it is overdone with religion and an attempt to proselytize.I'm happy the people in this film can see themselves as having made something of their lives. But the apparent need to place themselves on a pedestal ruined it for me.I don’t know.”Cambodians will continue to travel abroad for work, leaving their families and villages—often called “ghost towns” because of their depleted populations—behind them, said Suon.He hopes to eventually screen the film at the United Nations, and he wants viewers to consider the decisions that lead workers overseas and traffickers to sell human beings.“I made this film so people watch themselves in the mirror,” he said.

Nearly everyone knows someone who has taken the journey, and villagers were quick to point out the “storm makers” within the community.S., according to the Polaris Project, a Washington-based organization that helps victims of human trafficking.“If a very powerful country like the U. Stacey Dooley explores the issue underage sex trafficking in Cambodia, investigating how thousands of young girls are being sold into sexual slavery often by those they trust the most, their family.The viewer will see the devastation and heartache of these tragic stories, but will also experience hope and joy as they journey with these young women on a path from victim to survivor.Finding Home reminds us that we are all connected in our humanity; that we are all looking for a place of love, acceptance and community. The filmmakers did in fact intend to have the film center around four girls stories not just three.

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