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Check shutter count canon 550d online dating

But it is not recommended especially for the Pro, you better get a backup camera :).You may find this online tool by the PF useful: haven't tried myself but I believe that it should work~ Alternatively, you can check the SC offline with some other EXIF tools. I know that the shutter could fail on one of my first images, or it could keep going strong hundreds of thousands more, and that a typical Nikon shutter replacement runs anywhere from 0-400 USD. For an automated photo studio I'm going to need a camera with a image quality that is comparable to better compact cameras, especially regarding color accuracy. How many frames does a 'worn' camera have on its back? My girlfriend and I shoot something like 3000 frames a month. From personal experience, the best indicator for how much use a camera has seen is the strap attached to the camera.If the owner claims that the camera has barely been used, but the strap is worn and faded, then a warning bell in your head should go off.

You don’t want to buy a camera and then later find out that the sensor is scratched or damaged in some way, since this might affect the quality of all of your photographs.

Gentle and minimal use won’t wear down a strap much.

Other areas you can check for wear are the external flash hot shoe and the LCD screen.

For instance, Photo ME is the most popular choice, which can be downloaded here.

Just open an original JPEG image produced by any Pentax (now Ricoh) camera and search for the EXIF tag with the string of "shutter count" or something like that.

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