Christian dating in louisville ky

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Please feel free to invite any single friends to participate.For single parents, we are hoping to provide some form of childcare.(video forthcoming) Group Link is only open from January 13-28, so don't wait! For any questions, please contact our Groups Pastor, CJ Stephens.If you would like more information about groups please fill out the form below.Jamaal Williams is the lead pastor of Sojourn Midtown in Louisville, Ky. Jamaal received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. A in Church Ministries and is currently pursuing a D. Min in Black Church Leadership from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

For more information on Group Link, check out this video below.Weeks after I addressed the conference, much of the message was broadcast on Family Life Today, a national radio broadcast hosted by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. Courtney went on to say that most singles she knows "earnestly desire to be married, are surprised and/or frustrated that they aren't yet, and are prayerfully trying to figure out how to get from here to there." Most specifically, Ms.Family Life Today is an outstanding program, and I was very pleased that my message had been broadcast. In recent days, a major critique of the message has been offered by Camerin Courtney and posted at Christianity Courtney was offended by my suggestion that, except for those given the gift of celibacy, marriage is the God-given context for the achievement of maturity in adulthood.Evan enjoys watching movies, reading good books and fellowshipping with the saints.Sojourn Community Church is one church with four locations throughout Kentuckiana.

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Sometimes it’s easy to get lost here and we know it can a challenge find the place where we "fit". Relationships, far more than church attendance, are what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him.