Dating München

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Dating München

Taking a brief stroll through central Munich, only the most unobservant visitor could fail to notice Donisl, located just opposite the gothic town hall. Even today the building, in typical late 19th century mock-gothic style, is pretty impressive.It would be nice to say that Donisl is gothic, too. Seriously damaged by bombs in December 1944, reconstruction was not completed until 1950.Pils is around, but does not dominate as it does in most of Germany.The traditional Munich beer style, Dunkles, is losing ground, but remains widely available.For real beer enthusiasts, the fame of Munich beer has its disadvantages.It's one of the few locations where the paths of mainstream mass tourism and serious beer-drinking cross.

The only slight downside is their insistence on serving draught beer in nothing smaller than a full litre measure.

Not only does it sell the excellent Augustiner beers, but the Helles is served by gravity from a wooden barrel. This said, if you find youself on Platzl, I still recommend drinking in Ayingers Speis und Trank.

Anywhere else in the world, this would count as a substantial pub, with four decent-sized rooms. Be warned that, unless you drink the bottled Weizen, the smallest measure is a litre.

That might be a statement to deter rather than attract beer lovers, but don't be put off.

The large Munich breweries produce drinkable beer, especially when compared to industrial lager from elsewhere.

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Add the more idiosynchratic beers produced on a small scale in and around the city and you're left with a pretty good selection, ranging in quality from OK to downright excellent.

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