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We shall see the figures go up as the election campaign gets under way.This is now going to be a long road starting with victory in the election and then starting the independence process.

Two of the most recent opinion polls show that the independence seeking parties would gain around 54 per cent of the votes.

The fleeing of Mr Puigdemont and his colleagues to Brussels had been preceded by the country’s immigration minister, Theo Francken, saying they would be able to seek asylum.

Today, the Belgian vice-premier and interior minister stated that Madrid had overreacted and all efforts must be made to ensure that Mr Puigdemont and his colleagues get a fair trial if he is returned to Spain.

Mr Puigdemont’s Belgian lawyer, Paul Bekaert, has said that his client will appeal against extradition, which means that proceedings may drag past 21 December, the date the Spanish government has called elections in the region.

The Catalan nationalists have strong support from Flemish political parties in Belgium.

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