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Humorous dating contract

Please do point them out though as I would like to improve.There's a build up to the story and no immediate sex.A writer and comedian from Toledo suggests couples put their expectations down on paper to avoid disappointment later.The relationship contract would outline the dos and don’ts and require a signature.Life for him was never an easy ride and when both his parents died in a car crash, he had lived on a bad estate with his grandmother.It took a lot of hard work and gamble to get to where he was today.

Now at the age of 35, Jared was respected by many as a self-made millionaire.

In the beginning, John was understanding, gave her time and space, but by the third month of their sexless relationship John had stopped staying faithful and fucked every woman he had come across.

He longed for her but she kept pushing him away, if it was another woman John would have told her to fuck off.

Apart from financial success he was an incredibly attractive man; with his 6ft 2 physique broad shoulders, defined muscles and slightly tanned skin tone.

His dark chocolate coloured bedroom eyes framed with thick dark eyelashes, defined cheekbones and slight stubble, the maturity and masculinity driving many women crazy.

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John was imagining Alin's luscious lips wrapped around his cock; just the thought made him come.