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Oak, black poplar, elm, ash and thorny shrubs are smothered in the tropical creeper named periploca, a Mediterranean plant with reddish-brown bark and simple, glossy leaves, giving the Letea Forest its tropical looks.

Here, you may encounter black-bellied foxes, wild horses, boars, falcons and white-tailed eagles.

The Danube Delta is a wildlife enthusiast's (especially a bird watcher's) paradise.

Travelers can spend three or more days exploring its passages, teaming with the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe.

In time, the alluvium deposited by the Danube has extended the land ever further into the Black Sea.

Today, Chilia stands more than 25 miles from the sea.

Periprava, downstream from Chilia Veche, is the last site served by passenger boats on the Chilia arm.

South of Periprava, you can explore the impressive Letea Reserve () with trees more than 500 years old.

Millions of Egyptian white pelicans arrive here every spring to raise their young, while equal numbers of Arctic geese come here to escape the harsh winters of Northern Europe.

First documented in 1241 in the works of the Persian chronicler, Rashid al-Din, Chilia Veche was the site of a battle between the armies of Mahomed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, and forces led by Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler).

A town on the Ukrainian side of the Danube, known as a strictly protected reserve located between Chilia Veche and Periprava, is home to Europe's largest white pelican colony; the area also harbors geese, egrets and storks.

Maliuc (15 miles east of Tulcea) Maliuc is one of the Delta's youngest settlements.

Lake Furtuna, one of the region's largest lakes, lies just to the north of Maliuc.

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