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Parker 51 aerometric dating sites

The pen presented no particular problems other than the need for a new diaphragm and general clean up.I thoroughly cleaned all of the parts above, paying particular attention to the barrel and any stray pieces of the old diaphragm that always seem to stubbornly stick to the barrel, just inside the top where the vac filler sits.I have a fellow pen club member who has the tools to take these out, but he advised that if there are too many and they are deep, the lines of the cap will be compromised when the cap is reworked.So, I set the pen aside, hoping to find a mate at some point. The pen on the top of the photo had a close to perfect barrel (with imprint), but a cap with numerous dings and dents.O’Connell’s surviving brother Diarmuid lives in Cohasset.” Perhaps this pen was used by Meta to “write the words down” as insisted by her father.In any event, I find it is always interesting to search for the names that I find imprinted on pens from time to time. In this example, I was able to follow a story that included a famous Boston legal and political family, including brushes with John Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt.I was interested in this particular set because it is a Canadian one and the gold caps are in quite good shape.You can see from the photo below that there is one small ding in the pen cap, but that everything else seems to be in order. Vacumatic pencils were rotary pencils, meaning the cap is twisted to load the lead and to expel new supplies.

I have restored, and written about, many vacumatic and aerometric 51s over the past six years.The following photo shows the two created pens – the top one being a nice example of a Signet and the bottom, well…a scary example.Parker also came out with a silver model – the Flighter – at the same time. Not much information exists on Meta herself, but she was born into a famous Boston family and was the sister of Lenahan O’Connell.The blue diamond (which I failed to capture above) was devoid of its blue coloring.To replace this, I use Testor’s Enamel Model Paint Number 110 – Blue.

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The breather tube, another problem area, was in good shape with no cracks or holes.

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