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In the show, contestants called "housemates" (or "house guests") live together in a specially-constructed house that is isolated from the outside world.Housemates are voted out (usually on a weekly basis) until only one remains and wins the cash prize.The tasks are designed to test their teamwork abilities and community spirit.In some countries, the housemates' shopping budget or weekly allowance (to buy food and other essentials) depends on the outcome of assigned tasks.The housemates with the most nominations are then announced, and viewers are given the opportunity to vote via telephone for the nominee they wish to be evicted. Some more recent editions have since included additional methods of voting, such as voting through social media and smartphone applications.Occasionally, non-standard votes occur, where two houseguests are evicted at once or no one is voted out.Although essential amenities such as running water, furniture and a limited ration of food were provided, luxury items were often forbidden.

They are not permitted routine communication with the outside world.During their stay in the house, contestants are continuously monitored by live television cameras as well as personal audio microphones.English-language editions of the program are often referred to as "BB".The Diary Room is where contestants can privately express their feelings about the game, strategy and the other contestants.The results range from violent or angry confrontations to genuine and tender connections (often including romantic interludes). Although the show typically broadcasts daily updates during the evening (sometimes criticized by viewers and former contestants for heavy editing by producers), viewers can also watch a continuous feed from multiple cameras on the Web in most countries.

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While each country or region has its own variation, the common theme is that the contestants are confined to the house and have their every action recorded by cameras and microphones, and that no contact with the outside world is permitted.