Red dwarf holoship online dating

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Watch Now The crew are on an ocean planet investigating a seeding vessel called the SSS Esperanto which was studying the life forms that had been introduced by humans.They find 3 people aboard who committed suicide, and a haddock who did the same.Just as their phys Watch Now The gang watch a sappy love story aboard Starbug and Rimmer is disgusted at how the hero sacrificed his own happiness for his lover.

So he built a time machine and went back and forth through time, judging everyone on whether they have lead a worthwhile life, deleting the ones who didn't and replacing them with ""the sperms that never got a chance"". Rimmer and Cat survive the trial because of their shallowness and low standards, but Lister and Kryten could have made more of their lives and are removed from history.He tries the other and scrunches his face in disgust as we see that there are maggots crawling around in it.Kryten notes that the triplicator has put all the best qualities in one copy and the worst in the other.Lister attempts to reverse the process but causes an overload and Red Dwarf blows up.After the blast, they realise that they accidentally triplicated Red Dwarf and there are two copies left behind.

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