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1M2S comes across as a bit of a psycho, suggesting Philippe owed her something, as if texting alone is some sort of commitment to a dating future. Here is a list of things that are not rude, and should never be described as rude.1. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and is free to express their emotions. We may be attracted to many people but very few will be compatible with us over the long-term.They are not guaranteed a welcoming or affectionate response, however.2. Angry accusations like “Oh, you think you’re too good for me? Admitting you’re attracted to someone but have decided not to date them is not rude.

You’re not trying to be rude or ignore the other person, we all do it, but this toxic behavior has become so much of our daily lives that we don’t even realize it anymore.Many view the practice as a callous dismissal of another person’s feelings: cowardly, rude, and disrespectful.”In other words – or so I always thought – ghosting is a way of dumping someone without bothering to let them know.Picture a guy alone at the bar waiting for a date who just yesterday agreed to be there, but now is a no show and is no longer responding to texts.No one objected to the harsh realities of the early stages of dating.Dating was shopping, and your decision was not final until you committed to someone.

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the next thing you know, you are texting away while the other person awkwardly waits.