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Sek chat online malaysia

Although Ria also offers online transfers to customers based in the USA, this service is currently unavailable for UK customers. Ria’s exchange rates fluctuate regularly in line with changes to global foreign exchange markets.

The rates on offer are generally quite competitive and often provide better value than you will find from your bank, but it’s important that you compare exchange rates between providers at the time you want to place a transfer in order to find the best available deal.

Alternatively, you can visit your nearest branch for assistance, track a transfer online or phone the customer service hotline.

Back to top Ria intends to make money transfers as simple as possible.

Send Locations Include: Back to top Ria offers one-off cash transfers to locations in 149 countries.

Our latest innovation is deal Cancellation where you can cancel any losing trade within the first 60 minutes and recover all your losses.

Transfers you send are paid for in cash, which your beneficiary can then collect from their nearest Ria branch location.

If you ever have a question or need assistance with a particular transfer, Ria offers a handy online FAQ section that deals with a few common problems.

With more than 272,000 locations around the world, Ria allows you to send in-person cash transfers to 149 countries.

The countries that you can send money from with Ria and receive money from with Ria are listed below.

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