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Smitty s soft pretzels online dating

They knew he attended their school, that he was a boy, that he was into video games like the rest of them, and they knew his voice.

He saluted to the class as he headed for the door, tapping his fingers on the teacher’s desk on his way. ”Evan bit back a snort of laughter as he heard the teacher mutter under his breath.

And that was Tyler himself, trying to fuck with people’s minds."One of the freshman classes got out late so I think he and Bryce'll be here in a minute," Scotty answered as he tore open his milk carton.“Good, the table looks weird without some purple,” Brock said from his place, smiling brightly.

He was the only one clad in blue, their token senior.

Around his neck he had at least five beaded necklaces, one of which had a maple leaf hanging from the center.“Since when were the Canadian?

” Evan asked, pointing at it, and Tyler grinned.“Oh, Craig gave this to me,” he said, detangling it from the others and pulling it off before looping it over Evan’s neck, “to give to you.”“Aww, I feel so special,” Evan said, laughing a little bit.

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Their colors weren't separated but mixed together like a DIY melted crayon project a kindergartener would create."Hey nerds," Scotty said as he sat down beside Marcel."Hey, you see Craig?

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