Validating a web page

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Validating a web page

Ensuring that your code appears correctly in different browsers requires cross browser testing.To see what a validation service does, simply click on the W3C-CSS or W3C-HTML-4.01 buttons located in the top, right corner of this page.So the words in the "keyword1" sentence probably won't be included in the search engines computations, even though the page itself will be indexed. Faster Loading - if your web page contains html errors it will take a longer time for the search engines to spider it, therefore slowing the loading time.Once a spider sees a correct tag further along in the page, then it's back on course. If your page doesn't load in under 10 seconds your visitors will click away to your competitors' sites. Less load on servers - clean and simple code won't tax your server as much as a site which has complicated code or contain many nested tables.My concerns were primarily cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility as well as search engine indexability.I didn't want an error on my pages that I might miss seeing with my browser but that creeps up in other browsers, systems or the search engines.I should also include that validating your web page does not ensure that it will appear as you want in various browsers.

I realise that this is not the "ideal" that some webmasters argue for; but it is a practical solution for a web designer with many existing pages.

This will automatically examine the page and advise you if the page correctly validates.

In addition, you will be shown a list of page errors and/or warnings along with suggestions on how to correct the problem(s). The proponents of HTML validation (and CSS validation, of course) say that there are a number of reasons why you should validate your code: Is there a Solution or Compromize?

Validating Your Web Site: HTML and CSS validation validation are two very hot topics with current web developers.

This article will outline some of the various positions taken on these topics and provide additional perspectives on the issue of compliancy and conformity in today's web development.

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I try to validate my pages each time I make modifications, although I must admit that I sometimes forget to do so (with the occasional disastrous consequence; Murphy's Law doesn't spare webmasters).

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