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• • • Hymns of like tenor which distinctly avoid verbal repetition ....

Entire single stanzas, not refrains, repeated in any part of a hymn . Substantially identical stanzas repeated with changes .

Each celebrity becomes transformed into a different singer each week, and performs an iconic song and dance routine well known by that particular singer.

The 'randomiser' can choose any older or younger artist available in the machine, or even a singer of the opposite sex, or a deceased singer.

The show challenges celebrities to perform as different iconic music artists every week, which are chosen by the show's "Randomiser".

They are then judged by the panel of celebrity judges.

Single padas repeated with additional repetitive word or words .

Two or more unconnected padas recurrent in the same pair of hymns or in a pair of adjacent hymns .

Synonymous padas with interchanged synonymous words with change of n A 4. Whoever is at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the each show receives a cash prize for a charity of their choice and a further grand prize for the "series champion".Since the format debuted in Spain, there have been more than 47 versions worldwide (as of December 2016). Gratuitous and metrical variations in verbs or substantives .... Non-synonymous padas without or with change of metre . 561 Class B, Q-ranamatical variations : Eleven subdivisions 562 B 1.

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The same with interchanged synonymous words, but no change of metre A B.

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